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William Alfonzo Moody

Picture of William Alfonzo Moody 1

Picture of William Alfonzo Moody 2

Picture of William Alfonzo Moody 3

Marriage Certificate for William Alfonzo Moody and Maybelle Cluff

Picture of William Alfonzo Moody 4

Picture of William Alfonzo Moody Family - Al is 3rd from the left

William Alfonzo Moody Account of Funeral Part 1

William Alfonzo Moody Account of Funeral Part 2

William Alfonzo Moody Family Picture - Alfonzo is 2nd from Right

William Alfonzo Moody and Salina Vilate Cluff

William Alfonzo Moody standing on the left

Moses Cluff

Picture of Moses Cluff

Maybelle Cluff

Maybelle Cluff Picture

William Alma Young

William Alma YoungWilliam Alma Young History

William Alma Young History 2

Levi Jackman

Levi Jackman History

John William Young

History of John William Young

John William Young Picture
John William Young Picture

History of John Monroe Moody

John Monroe Moody

History of Nahum Curtis

Nahum Curtis

History of Millicent Waite Curtis

Millicent Waite Curtis

Pic of Ethalinda Margaret Young

Ethalinda Margaret Young

Pic of Elizabeth Pool Moody

Elizabeth Pool Moody

History of Elizabeth Doyle

Elizabeth Doyle History

Curtis Family Sketches

Curtis Sketches

Alfred Douglas Young

Alfred Douglas Young Grave

Alfred Douglas Young

Pics of Alfonzo Moody

Alfonzo Moody and Sisters

Alfonzo Moody Fishing

Alfonzo Moody

Follow up to previous post

Oh, duh, sounds like they thought of this already...

Elizabeth Doyle and John Doyle

My mother was born in Nashville, Tennessee.
This has neither been verified nor disproved. Elizabeth was probably born in Randolph County, Illinois. Elizabeth needed to be old enough to marry Reed by 1805 and have Eliza Virginia in 1806. If Elizabeth were minimally 14 years old when she got married, she would have to be born before 1791. If she got married as early as 1799, as John D. Lee says, she would definitely be born in Randolph County, Illinois, where her parents lived from the time they were married until 1789.

John D. Lee probably got the information for his mother's birth from Charlotte. Charlotte probably was not born in Illinois, but was probably born where ever the Doyles were living after they left Illinois in 1789 and before they returned in 1796. It could have been Nashville, Tennessee, but no proof has been found of the Doyles living there.
-Info by Mandi
If you read the last bit of info, JDL's marriage certificate states he married Elizabeth Doyle Reed, but her father's name is John Doyle.  I have a theory...  I think she must have been married prior to her marriage to JDL.  In the info found on it says -

My mother had two children by my father -- that is William Oliver and myself.
Since Ralph and Elizabeth were married on 26 February 1811, it is highly unlikely that John D. Lee had an older brother whose father was Ralph Lee. The earliest William Oliver could be born legitimately would be in December 1811 and Elizabeth would have to get pregnant immediately to have John D. on the 12th of September, 1812. In addition, no child of Ralph and Elizabeth was baptized near this time.

John D. Lee gives three children for his mother, a girl and two boys. In Kaskaskia church records there are three baptisms for children of Elizabeth or Eliza Doyle, a girl and two boys.

In the archives of the Catholic church in Belleville, there was a baptism for a Benjamin Rode, on Jan 29, 1809, with parents Jean/John [Rode] and Elizabeth Daille/Doyle. The child was born the 27th of January.

I am wondering if Rode is another way of saying Reed (since they were French, maybe it was slightly altered in translation, since Daille and Doyle were interchanged as well), therefore, maybe this is our Elizabeth Doyle and maybe she had this first child before marrying JDL.  Just my thoughts.  They could have even changed the boy's name so as not to point to the fact that it was possibly an illegitimate child, or from another father.  Sounds far fetched, but maybe true.

-Info from Mandi

Breakthrough on John Doyle Lee line

For years we have shown John Doyle Lee's mother's (Elizabeth Doyle) parents as being John Doyle Lee and Evaline Smith.  I found on the John Doyle Lee's Family Organization a current ancestry done by the family organization genealogist names Rene Durfee, where it shows Elizabeth Doyle's parents as John Doyle b. 20 Sept 1760 Albemarle County, VA (History of Albemarle County, Revolutionary War records)  m. abt 1782 probably in Randolph County, Illinois. d. October 1819 Randolph County, ILL
Cloe Smith b. abt 1766; Virginia, probably Bedford county. (Not Evaline. )
     This is great information.  And, I am so thankful to have direction on who we come through. 

Info found by Susan

Info on Hannah Procter

All of this info was found in the Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts vital records:

Birth...Proctor, Hannah d. Peter and Hannah Jan. 10, 1722-3 (that's exactly as it reads and through all of Chelmsford I find no record of any Hannah with parents of James and Judith under any of the spellings of Proctor, so if we are sure of her birth date, and birth place,  I'm pretty darn sure this is our Hannah)

Marriage...Procter, Hannah, and Moses Barrat [of Nottingham int.] (that just means their intention of marriage was recorded and that he was from Nottingham, they often filed the intention in both locations) Nov. 11, 1742

Marriage...Barrat, Moses [of Nottingham. int.] and Hannah Procter, Nov. 11, 1742

Birth...Barit, Moses, s. Thomas and Rachell, Feb. 1, 1718-19.

Marriage...Procter, Peter, and Hannah Harwood, int. Apr. 10, 1720.

Death...Prockter, Hannah, wid [Peter.P.R.4] bur. Oct. 2, 1781, a. 81 y. C.R.
1. [d. Sept. 30. P.R.4]

Death...Proctor, Peter, Feb. 20, 1772 [a. 78 y C.R.1]

I just looked up James Proctor and Judith Nichols to see why they were listed as her parents on some websites.  They are from Woburn , Mass, and I found vital records showing the birth of their daughter, Hannah Proctor b. 2 May 1727 in Woburn, Middlesex, however, I also found vital records showing she married a Joshua Reed 9 Jul 1742 in Woburn, and no record of marriage to a Barrett.  So I think we can conclude that our Hannah's parents were Peter Proctor and Hannah Harwood.

Young and Boren Families

Young and Boren Families

Sarah Caroline Williams

Sarah Caroline Williams

Picture of Sarah Caroline Williams

More Info on Nahum and Millicent Curtis

In December of 1832, the Prophet Joseph Smith and Jared Carter visited with Nahum and Millicent Curtis at their home in Silver Lake, Oakland County, Michigan. That night Nahum and Mary were blessed with a spiritual manifestation and heard a voice declare the truth of the Book of Mormon to them. They were converted and soon every member of the family joined the Church.
Info found by Mandi

Life and Times of William Alma Young

Life and Times of William Alma Young

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Gr. and Gr. Moody True to the faith


Pictures of John Doyle Lee

Pic of John Doyle Lee

 John Doyle Lee 2

John Doyle Lee

John Doyle Lee

Pedigree Chart for William Phillipo Thompson

Pedigree Chart for William Phillipo Thompson Line

Pedigree Chart for William Decatur Kartchner

Pedigree Chart for William Decatur Kartchner

Nahum Curtis's Headstone

Nahum Curtis Headstone

Levi Jackman Info

Levi Jackman

Church Records in New Salem for Curtis and Waite families

Church of Christ Records in New Salem, MA

Pedigree Chart for John Dagbert Young

John Dagbert Young Pedigree Chart

James Agee Smith Family Info inculding Coat of Arms

James Agee Smith Family Info

Family Group Record for James Agee Smith

Family Group Record for James Agee Smith

Family of William F. Young

Family of William F. Young

Cemetery Records for Phineas Waite

Branch Bridge Cemetery, New Salem, MA

Burial Record of Millicent Waite

Far West, MO Burial Ground Records

Curtis and Waite Parish Records

First Parish Church Records of New Salem, MA

Birth Record of Phineas Waite

Vital Records of Malden, MA

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Boren and Bryan Families

 I found some wonderful info on the Boren and Bryant families of Grandma June Young's line.  Go HERE  

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Info on the Mathieu Agee family

I also was looking at Grandma June Young Adams' line and googled:
Mathieu Agee (pronounced Ah-zhay, I was saying Ageeeee like the Utah State Agies)) came to America in 1690 where he gave up nobility to follow the French Hugenot's faith to get away from the persecution under King Louis ZIV.  Hundreds of thousands fled to Switzerland, the Netherlands, England, Germany and to the Colonies of America.  Mathieu Agee (Ah-zhay) landed in Virginia. His son Anthony was born in 1739.  This Anthony was a solier in the Revolutionary War.  Anthony and his wife Ann Gandovin or Godwin lived together for 75 years and had 12 children (only one girl who was named Leah)
     Leah married Sir George Thomas Smith and they had 12 children.  One of their sons was named James Agee Smith.
     James Agee Smith was married to Margaret Love and they had 7 children. One of their sons, Thomas Washington Smith, was converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and was baptized 6 Jan (my anniversary :-)) 1841. He went to Nauvoo and was endowed in the Nauvoo temple in 1846.
    Most of this we have in our family genealogy.  But, I only had the year of Thomas' baptism date, not the date.  And to know how it was pronounced and that we have French blood in us was fun to know.
       Anyway, I have this in my files and will gladly share whenever you want.

-info found by Susan

Info on John D. Lee

Great link Susan found with a lot of information on John D. Lee

Various info mostly on the Curtis's and Stratton's

Found some info on her mother Mary Wheeler...
First Parish Church records in New Salem:  "Mary Wheeler admitted to church March 18, 1743"
oh, and..."Moses Curtis and Mary Mechem married Octr 20, 1771"
Salem, Essex, vital records:  "Foster, Joseph, and Mary Wheeler, June 27, 1751 (intention also recorded)"

New Salem vital records..... 
"Curtis, Nahum and Millicent Wait, Oct. 29, 1809 C.R."
"Wait, Millicent, and Nahum curtis, Oct 29, 1809 C.R."
"Wait, Phineas, and Mehitable Foster.  Aug 3, 1786 C.R."

From "A Book of Strattons" compiled by Harriet Russell Stratton, the Grafton Press, NY, MCMVIII (1908): (from
Elias, b. 1730- removed from Sherborn to Athol, Mass.
b. 22 Oct 1730 - Watertown, Middlesex, Mass
d. 4 Oct 1796 - Middlesex County, Mass

also, from "A Book of Strattons".....
Elias Stratton was born in Watertown, Mass., Oct 22, 1730.  In 1757, his name was on the alarm list in the French and Indian War. 
He married Millicent _____, in 1754, and settled in Athol, Mass, about 1775.  the date of her death is not known.  The early records of Athol were destroyed by fire.  In Sherborn, in 1761, he was a "house wright".  He married, second, Mar 25, 1796, widow Joanna Brooks.  He died Oct 4, 1796, and was buried on that part of his own farm which later became a public cemetery.

Sherborn (Middlesex) Vital Records (Births):

Straton, Melesent, d. of Elias and Melesent, May 20, 1755
Stratton, Sarah, d. of Elias and Millecent, June 13, 1757
Stratton, Ebenezer, s. of Elias and Miliset, Aug 27, 1759
Stratton, Elias, s. of Elias and Mileset, Dec 20, 1761
Stratton, Jona[than], s. of Elias and Millecet, Jan 20, 1765
Stratton, Hannah, d. of Elias and Milicet, Apr 23, 1766
Stratton, Joseph, s. of Elias and Milleset, June 11, 1768
Stratton, Jabez, s. of Elias and Milisett, Apr 2, 1770
Stratten, Abijah, s. of Elias and Milleset, Mar 6, 1772
Stratton, Molly, d. of Elias and Milleset, July 1, 1773

Malden, Middlesex vital records (birth)
Waite, Phineas, s. Joseph and Susanna July 16, 1749

Malden, Middlesex vital records (marriages)
Waite, Joseph and Susanna Bancroft of Lynn, Jan 3, 1748/9 LN

Lynn, Massachusetts vital records (births):
Bancroft, Susanah, d. John, jr. and Mary Oct 26, 1714

Lynn, Massachusetts vital records (marriages):
Bancroft, Susanna, and Joseph Wait of Malden, Jan 3, 1738-9 (intention also recorded)

Malden, Massachusetts vital records (births):
(Waite, Wayte, Wait), Joseph, s. of Benjamin and Mary, Oct 14, 1725 (I'm pretty sure this is Phineas's father)
-info found by Mandi

Info on Children of Phineas Waite, including Millicent Waite Curtis (who we come through)

New Salem vital records...
"Wait, Joseph, s. Phineas. bp. Dec 8, 1794.  C.R.
Wait, Lydia, d. Phineas. bp. Dec 8, 1794. C.R.
Wait, Millisant, d. Phineas, bp. Dec 8, 1794.  C.R.
Wait, Susanna, d. Phineas, bp. Dec 8, 1794.  C.R."
Also, First Congregational Church records from says : "Millisant, Joseph, Susanna, and Lydia, ch. of Phin.s Wait were baptized at his house" - Rev. Joel Foster

-info found by Mandi

Military info on Phineas Waite

I also found a book listed on called "All Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution", 17 Volumes.... and in volume 16, page 405 it says.... "Waite, Phineas.  Corporal, under Capt. Moses Harvey's co., Col. Woodbridge's regt. ...enlisted Aug 22, 1777, discharged Nov 29, 1777.  Service 3 mos. 17 days, at Saratoga, including 9 days (180 miles) travel home; regiment raised to reinforce Northern army until last of Nov 1777.

-info found by Mandi

Marriage record of Phineas Waite to Mehitable Foster

First Congregational Church record from says.."  Augt. 3, 1786 Phineas Wait and Mehitable Foster of N.S. Marriage" - Rev. Joel Foster
New Salem Vital Records says... "Wait, Phineas and Mehitable Foster. Aug. 3, 1786 C.R.) (church record)

-info found by Mandi

Marriage record of Phineas Waite to Eunis Smith

Barre, Worcester, MA vital records shows:  "Eunis Smith & Phenihas Waitt m. 12 Jul 1795"
and... "Waitt [Wait in int.] ...meaning they intend to get married...Phenihas of New Salem and Eunis Smith, July 12, 1795"
(so I'm assuming the 2nd one announces their engagement and the first one announces the marriage)
also in New Salem, MA vital records ... "Wait, Phenihas, and Eunis Smith of Barre, at Barre, July 12, 1795 M.R." (M.R. meaning marriage records from other Mass. towns).  

-info found by Mandi