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Various info mostly on the Curtis's and Stratton's

Found some info on her mother Mary Wheeler...
First Parish Church records in New Salem:  "Mary Wheeler admitted to church March 18, 1743"
oh, and..."Moses Curtis and Mary Mechem married Octr 20, 1771"
Salem, Essex, vital records:  "Foster, Joseph, and Mary Wheeler, June 27, 1751 (intention also recorded)"

New Salem vital records..... 
"Curtis, Nahum and Millicent Wait, Oct. 29, 1809 C.R."
"Wait, Millicent, and Nahum curtis, Oct 29, 1809 C.R."
"Wait, Phineas, and Mehitable Foster.  Aug 3, 1786 C.R."

From "A Book of Strattons" compiled by Harriet Russell Stratton, the Grafton Press, NY, MCMVIII (1908): (from
Elias, b. 1730- removed from Sherborn to Athol, Mass.
b. 22 Oct 1730 - Watertown, Middlesex, Mass
d. 4 Oct 1796 - Middlesex County, Mass

also, from "A Book of Strattons".....
Elias Stratton was born in Watertown, Mass., Oct 22, 1730.  In 1757, his name was on the alarm list in the French and Indian War. 
He married Millicent _____, in 1754, and settled in Athol, Mass, about 1775.  the date of her death is not known.  The early records of Athol were destroyed by fire.  In Sherborn, in 1761, he was a "house wright".  He married, second, Mar 25, 1796, widow Joanna Brooks.  He died Oct 4, 1796, and was buried on that part of his own farm which later became a public cemetery.

Sherborn (Middlesex) Vital Records (Births):

Straton, Melesent, d. of Elias and Melesent, May 20, 1755
Stratton, Sarah, d. of Elias and Millecent, June 13, 1757
Stratton, Ebenezer, s. of Elias and Miliset, Aug 27, 1759
Stratton, Elias, s. of Elias and Mileset, Dec 20, 1761
Stratton, Jona[than], s. of Elias and Millecet, Jan 20, 1765
Stratton, Hannah, d. of Elias and Milicet, Apr 23, 1766
Stratton, Joseph, s. of Elias and Milleset, June 11, 1768
Stratton, Jabez, s. of Elias and Milisett, Apr 2, 1770
Stratten, Abijah, s. of Elias and Milleset, Mar 6, 1772
Stratton, Molly, d. of Elias and Milleset, July 1, 1773

Malden, Middlesex vital records (birth)
Waite, Phineas, s. Joseph and Susanna July 16, 1749

Malden, Middlesex vital records (marriages)
Waite, Joseph and Susanna Bancroft of Lynn, Jan 3, 1748/9 LN

Lynn, Massachusetts vital records (births):
Bancroft, Susanah, d. John, jr. and Mary Oct 26, 1714

Lynn, Massachusetts vital records (marriages):
Bancroft, Susanna, and Joseph Wait of Malden, Jan 3, 1738-9 (intention also recorded)

Malden, Massachusetts vital records (births):
(Waite, Wayte, Wait), Joseph, s. of Benjamin and Mary, Oct 14, 1725 (I'm pretty sure this is Phineas's father)
-info found by Mandi

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