Thursday, January 28, 2010

Info on the Mathieu Agee family

I also was looking at Grandma June Young Adams' line and googled:
Mathieu Agee (pronounced Ah-zhay, I was saying Ageeeee like the Utah State Agies)) came to America in 1690 where he gave up nobility to follow the French Hugenot's faith to get away from the persecution under King Louis ZIV.  Hundreds of thousands fled to Switzerland, the Netherlands, England, Germany and to the Colonies of America.  Mathieu Agee (Ah-zhay) landed in Virginia. His son Anthony was born in 1739.  This Anthony was a solier in the Revolutionary War.  Anthony and his wife Ann Gandovin or Godwin lived together for 75 years and had 12 children (only one girl who was named Leah)
     Leah married Sir George Thomas Smith and they had 12 children.  One of their sons was named James Agee Smith.
     James Agee Smith was married to Margaret Love and they had 7 children. One of their sons, Thomas Washington Smith, was converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and was baptized 6 Jan (my anniversary :-)) 1841. He went to Nauvoo and was endowed in the Nauvoo temple in 1846.
    Most of this we have in our family genealogy.  But, I only had the year of Thomas' baptism date, not the date.  And to know how it was pronounced and that we have French blood in us was fun to know.
       Anyway, I have this in my files and will gladly share whenever you want.

-info found by Susan

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  1. Help! As a descendent of the Agees, and Sir George Thomas Smith, I have been unable to find any records that made Smith a knight of the realm (Sir). I found vague assumptions that he was on the "wrong" side of the Revolution, and was aid de Camp, but no real solid records. Do you have anything?