Sunday, February 7, 2010

Breakthrough on John Doyle Lee line

For years we have shown John Doyle Lee's mother's (Elizabeth Doyle) parents as being John Doyle Lee and Evaline Smith.  I found on the John Doyle Lee's Family Organization a current ancestry done by the family organization genealogist names Rene Durfee, where it shows Elizabeth Doyle's parents as John Doyle b. 20 Sept 1760 Albemarle County, VA (History of Albemarle County, Revolutionary War records)  m. abt 1782 probably in Randolph County, Illinois. d. October 1819 Randolph County, ILL
Cloe Smith b. abt 1766; Virginia, probably Bedford county. (Not Evaline. )
     This is great information.  And, I am so thankful to have direction on who we come through. 

Info found by Susan

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